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My name is Joanna. I'm a mom to two children, a girl and a boy, a wife, an enthusiast skier, casual pianist and a photographer. Amongst other things.


My passion for photography was born before my first child came to this world a bunch of years ago. I have been photographing children, families, brands, people and life in general ever since.


I love to create images that touch, inspire, that portrait life in a creative yet natural way. Images that have a purpose. 


I believe that the key to making beautiful and meaningful photographs lies in the ability to understand and connect with the subjects and to make room for free expression. 

After many years in corporate world and with new little people in tow, my goals and dreams shifted and I become a photography business owner.


For a while I focused on portraiture, event and family and children photography, which to this day remains a big part of what I do and a big passion of mine.

Over time the scope of my work naturally evolved into commercial photography. An entrepreneur at heart and with a start up experience, I particularly enjoy working with emerging and small businesses where energy, ideas and creativity have no limits. 


Supporting female funders in their business building journeys is particularly fulfilling to me.

I’m told I'm a fun person that people can relate to and find it easy to work with. I'm intuitive, creative with a good eye for detail. High quality is what you can always expect from me.

In every way.


I value people and relationships.

I love helping those around me grow in confidence and achieve their dreams. 


While I am a fan of natural light for its possibilities and unpredictability, I also own a home studio based in Pacific Palisades, a gem neighborhood of Los Angeles.


I'd love to work with you.

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